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Closer to Pure Natural
TCM Formulations with Western Pharmaceutical Standards

  • Uses capsules instead of tablets, with minimum non-medicinal ingredients and alpha-glucan (polysaccharide) as the only material in our vegetarian capsule shell.
  • Free of processed excipients such as silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, or microcrystalline cellulose. Only certified organic apple fibre or beet root fibre are used as fillers.
  • Fully follows the traditional extraction process by using water as the only solvent.
  • Low temperature spray dry technique that does not change the extraction process but dries the product rapidly in one step to eliminate additional processing while preserving the active ingredients.
  • All herbs are prepared into proper ratios and are subsequently extracted together to enhance synergism and natural chelation between the herbs.
  • Special carrier-free granulation technique; Does not include carriers such as corn starch and maltodextrin often used during the granulation process.
  • Very highly concentrated 8 to 1 ratio of dried herbs to extract powder means fewer capsules needed to be taken to reach effective dosage.
  • Flexible dosage adjustment. Daily dosage to maintain the body's balance and general wellness; dosage may be increased as needed to improve illness status.
  • Made in Canada by NHPD-GMP site licence holder and fully complies with NHPD regulations.
  • Meets USP standards. Tested by 3rd party independent laboratory. Kosher Certified.


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