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Vitamins & Minerals
BioAct B-Complex
VA-043 | 90v | NPN 80013417

Basic B-Vitamin Complex

Bio-Active Mineroplex
VA-142 | 112v | NPN 80083732

Highly Bioavailable Multi-Mineral Formula with Purified Shilajit

Bio-Active Multiplex
VA-044 | 120v | NPN 80063268

Multiple Vitamins and Mineral Complex with Active B-Vitamins for Optimal Methylation, Plus Herbs and Antioxidants

Bio-Active Multiplex WITHOUT Fe & Cu
VA-104 | 120v | NPN 80063275

Multiple Vitamins and Mineral Complex with Active B-Vitamins for Optimal Methylation, Plus Herbs and Antioxidants

Bio-B Complete
VA-102 | 84v | NPN 80020285

Balanced Formulation of B-Vitamins and Lipotrophic Agents for Energy Support

Bio-B5 Forte
VA-040 | 84v | NPN 80019602

B5-Focused B-Complex to Restore Body's Metabolism and Support the Adrenals

Bio-B6 Forte
VA-101 | 84v | NPN 80020420

B6-Focused B-Complex to Support Body's Nervous System

Chlorella 3000
VA-123 | 168g | NPN 80062056

Certified Organic, Natural Chelating & Detoxifying Agent

C-Nergy with D-Ribose
VA-125 | 340g | NPN 80062936

Energy & Recovery Support for Sport Performance

Lamiodine 800
VA-034 | 112v | NPN 80025667

Iodine from Organic Wildcrafted Kelp

VA-126 | 60 mL | NPN 80062040

Liquid Vitamin D3 (1000 IU/drop)

VA-132 | 84v | NPN 80071766

Comprehensive Support for Methylation & the Collateral Pathways

Niacin 250
VA-106 | 112v | NPN 80025612

Reduced-Flush Niacin

VA-083 | 56v | NPN 80016342

Supports Hemoglobin Production and Integrity

Oxygheme® Intensive
VA-114 | 56v | NPN 80047172

Intensive Hemoglobin Production and Integrity Support

Perinatal Multi+
VA-127 | 112v | NPN 80069299

Comprehensive Multi Plus Probiotic for Prenatal & Breastfeeding Support

Vitamin A plus Zinc
VA-049 | 112v | NPN 80005184

For Vision and Skin Health, Stronger Immune Function, and Healthier Respiratory and Urinary Tracts

VA-133 | 84v | NPN 80073294

Synergistic Support for Xenobiotic Detox

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